An undetected water leak in your home can cause more than a few headaches - it could lead to major water damage and costly 修复s.
TLC消除了这些泄漏的猜测. Our experienced leak locators use sonar technology to detect leaks in your home.

TLC has highly trained and experienced plumbers dedicated to water leak detection services. Our leak detectors use the latest technology to pinpoint even the most hidden leaks in your home or business.


  • 专门负责检漏的水管工
  • 使用声纳检漏技术
  • 能够定位和 修复 任何类型的泄漏.
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TLC's leak detection experts are experienced in detecting all types of leaks in homes and businesses in ku娱乐游戏平台 & 里约热内卢牧场. When you suspect a leak don't hesitate call our team of experts to find the source of your leak fast.


Our plumbers are trained and experienced to locate water leaks when there is no visible source of a leak.

A slab leak is a leak in water line that is underneath the slab of your home. TLC's plumbers used sonar equipment to locate the leak in the slab so it can be 修复ed.

TLC的泄漏检测专家也可以定位池中的泄漏. 我们用声纳技术来定位水池中的泄漏点.


There are a few common signs we see when there is a leak in your home. 这里有一些迹象表明,你可能有泄漏. If you have any of the following call TLC for service at (505) 761-9644.

〇高额水费 An unusually high water bill or a letter from the water authority indicates you probably have a leak. This is the most common call we get from customers who need to have a leak detected in their home.

地板上有温暖的斑点 A warm spot on the floor usually is a sign that you have a hot water leak underneath the slab. Our leak detection experts can use our equipment to locate the leak so it can be 修复ed.

霉菌或发霉的气味 If you have a moldy or mildew smell and can’t find the source it is time to call TLC to help locate the leak and get it 修复ed.

听见流水声—— Whether you hear water running in your walls or hear water in your pipes even when you’re not running water, 这通常意味着你的某个地方漏水了.

湿点—— 如果你发现家里或外面有湿点, you likely have a pipe leak or a break somewhere in your plumbing system.

〇水压低 漏水是造成水压问题的常见原因. 如果你正在经历水压问题,你可能有泄漏.




问题: ku娱乐游戏平台的房主罗恩., received a water bill for over $700 he realized he likely had a leak.  He called TLC right away to have a plumber come out and locate the leak.

解决方案: Jeff came out and used the infrared sonic leak detection equipment and located the leak under the home. 一旦他确定了漏洞,他就给了罗恩修理的选择. Jeff arranged for one of TLC’s plumbers Jack to come to the home and 修复 the leak. Jack and his assistant had to cut open the concrete slab under the home to 修复 the leak.  After 修复ing the leak and cleaning up the area Ron was happy to see that his water bill went back down to $90.


我收到了一大笔水费(767美元).很明显,我在某个地方有漏洞! I contacted TLC to come out and see if they could come out and find the leak. 首先是杰夫·T. came out and found the leak in short order using some sophisticated infrared and sonic listening devices to pinpoint the leak under the house. 然后他安排了杰克C. and his assistant to come out, open up the concrete floor to find the actual leak. 我可能会补充说,我的房子和杰夫都是木地板, Jack and their assistant took great care to protect them from dirt and concrete damage by placing drop cloths from the work area to the front door and beyond. 感谢TLC为您提供的优质服务, 关心的态度, and your promptness in finding and fixing the underground leak at my home. 现在我每月的水费只剩下90美元了.

——罗恩·t. |ku娱乐游戏平台房主


When you have a water leak in your home or get a high water bill you may have a lot of questions. Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions about leak detection.


TLC offers 24-hour leak detection services for your plumbing emergency needs. 当您发生泄漏时,请向TLCku娱乐真人体育平台下载公司值得信赖的专家求助.

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Our plumbing experts are here to locate any leak problems you may have.